Pest Control Services In Singapore

Execute Pest Control is a highly-experienced, licensed, and reputable pest control company that offers pest control services in Singapore. Our services range over a variety of industries and sectors. We work on scientifically-backed approaches to execute quality extermination. Our solutions and treatments are designed to specifically target the pest infesting your premise in Singapore and implement the right pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control

Execute Pest control also offers commercial pest control services in Singapore, where we utilise a full service pest management team that will protect your offices and commercial buildings. We employ the most effective methods to exterminate pests in commercial buildings with the help of eco-friendly solutions. We help you meet the governmental standards set in order that your business will not be affected. Protect yourself, your employees, and customers from any hazards of pest-related problems with the help of our pest control servicing team.

Residential Pest Control

We started out as a residential pest control company in Singapore, which aims at providing cost-effective pest control solutions to residents. We protect your home from the invasion of harmful pests. 

We understand how pests can cause much disruption to a home. We are in the business of ensuring our clients enjoy comfort, security, and protection, as we protect your home from pest infestation through our scientific treatment solutions.

solve the root cause of your pest issue

Common Pests In Singapore That We Handle

How Do We Work

Our work methodology consists of 3 steps to ensure that we deliver the best pest control service standards in SG

Preliminary Examination

Our highly-qualified technician start by conducting a thorough examination of your place. They investigate the level of pest infestation to determine the pest control services required for your premise. Based on this investigation, a complete plan of action is then devised to target the particular pest infestation

Implementation Of Solution

After a complete examination, our technician would know what kind of treatment is needed to exterminate the pest. So, they will ensure an effective and quality procedure for eliminating bugs

Monitoring And Maintenance

The work does not end after the treatment is being conducted. Our staff will stay in touch with you for regular check ups to ensure that pests do not reappear and invade your home

Based on 91 reviews.
I got a big issue of having an army of roaches in my car out of a sudden. The car usually is for my and my precious daughter so definitely I need to clear the army away. I approached Execute Pest control, the Ops Man is very efficient with the responce. They explained to me very clearly about the procedures and quotation. I got the most excellent service by John, despite knowing that I have inconvinience leaving my house at that time, John is willing to come over to my unit to get my car key and do the fumigation for me, then head back to my unit again to deliver my car key. Knowing that I dont have much time, Noh did not hold me up, to talk about the situation, but he dropped me a text after leaving to left me know about the situation and guiding me what to do next when I goes back to my vehicle. Kudos to both John and Pauline for the excellent service and job well done!
CheRish Mhie
CheRish Mhie
Friendly staffs, Good Quality service and did a thorough inspection. Such a Good local company, workers are hardworking and the manager John likes to joke. Very friendly guy. Help to remove my micky mouse problem and found all the babies in the restaurant at boat quay. Thank you all for always rushing here and there and sweating so much.
Execute pest control Singapore did a very thorough inspection and pest control + disinfection service at my commercial premise plus several of my company's F&B outlets. on the regular maintenance plan as well. Affordable cheap price. Now no more cockroach, ants, mosquito, termites & other pests. Good job highly recommend.
Joohi Soni
Joohi Soni
Wow! Our family is impressed, we contacted Execute Pest Control and took their recommendation of Residual spray & Super Steam. The results were fantastic. Bedbugs completely eliminated! Shoutout to Ahmad our dedicated technican. He is super throughly with the treatment and gentle. Keep up the good work Execute Pest Control!
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen
Excellent service, friendly staff! From making the appointment to having service provided, it all goes efficiently and effectively. Everyone I’ve talked to has been friendly and helpful. Other places should really try taking customer service tips here, since they might learn something about how to keep customers both loyal and happy. We chose to get the year-round deal where they come spray inside and out once a quarter. The best thing about it is the guarantee, though. If you see a bed bug between treatments, they will come back for free. I’ve only had to use that guarantee once or twice (at peak bug season) in several years, but it sure is nice to know they’ve got us covered. The quarterly treatment plan definitely beats remembering to schedule appointments on my own, too. Finally, pet-friendly bug spraying was a must, since we have two indoor kitties. While they said the cats probably shouldn’t lick the stuff off the ground, it’s fine to have it sprayed with them in the room. So that’s nice... Yep, gotta say, if you’re looking for a pest control company in Singapore, Execute Pest Control is a damn fine choice.
Tim Greer
Tim Greer
I just had my first treatment by Execute Pest Control today and was incredibly happy with the entire experience. Communicating with the company is easy - everyone I've spoken to is friendly and knowledgable (plus they email and text - which is great when you're not able to get on the phone!). Pricing is also very reasonable, without requiring a year-long contract. I'd especially like to give a shout-out to Ahmad, who came out to do our interior and exterior treatment. He was incredibly friendly, courteous, and professional. I had a lovely time talking to him, and appreciated the fact that he took the time to get to know me while doing the interior treatment. I felt like a valued customer, not just a quick stop on a list of other things to do. You can tell from the work he does and things he has to say about Execute Pest Control that it's a company that cares about its service, customers, and employees. I am so glad we found and chose to hire this company - I can tell that we will always be treated with respect and that our pest control needs will be taken care of! Highly recommend.
George Zhou
George Zhou
When cleaning out our rental property we ran into unexpected guests our previous tenants left behind! We assumed it was just a mere bug or two but boy were we in for a big surprise!!!! Let's just say that Execute Pest Control made sure that the bug and rat infestation was resolved immediately! The service man was on-time, they explained the process thoroughly and made sure we felt comfortable after the mission was complete! Pricing was very reasonable and we will continue to use them for all our future endeavors! Thank You!!!!
Sheng Su
Sheng Su
I had a wonderful first experience with Execute Pest Control. I used google to ask for quotes from a variety of companies. Many got back to be quickly but Execute Pest Control was working at lightning speed. Within an hour of asking for a quote, I receive a phone call from Pauline. She was kind, courteous, and very professional. She was very clear when explaining to me what would happen during the first visit and setting up my account and appointment. I have pets and was concerned about the type of chemicals used by the company. Pauline said they recommend keeping the pets inside for a few hours to let the treatment dry and it should not affect them. The next day, Kamil arrived on time. He wore a mask and had booties on his shoes when entering my home. Kamil was very friendly and answered a ton of my questions before inspecting the house. During the inspection, he noted what he saw verbally and took pictures of any open entry points for pests. He then cleaned and treated around the house. The entire process took about an hour. Before he left, I received a quote from Execute Pest Control for fixing the areas where pests may enter the home (screens needed to be fixed around the perimeter of the home and I needed to close up the cracks under the garage door). The quote was reasonable. I signed up for the year plan where they will come out every other month to clean up any pest (webs/dead bugs) and reapply treatments around the home. I would rather leave it up to the pros to keep my house free of those pesky bugs. I had a great interaction with Execute Pest Control. I highly recommend them if you find yourself in need of pest removal or routine preventative pest control around your home.
Steven Chong
Steven Chong
Got a pest problem in bedroom. Since unsure if termites or bedbugs, took some pics. Google for information & came across Execute pest control (which received consistent good reviews). Trying my luck, I WhatsApp Execute Pest Control for advice. In 1hr, reply came with assurance that the pest is not what i thought! Instead it's booklice. Besides impressed by the speed to a normal enquiry, what amazes me was i was not even required to make an appointment before Customer Service told me what pest it is. Such level of high service is rare nowadays, in my opinion. Such positive attributes gave me confidence to engage this Company. I immediately made appointment & 2 Specialists came to attend to my unit next day. Both were helpful & professional. Activities were safely & neatly carried out. Advice was also given on how to prevent such pest. Based on the safety equipment used & the confidence in carrying out their work, I see the Company had invested well in her staff! Thank you again!

What Makes Us Different?

Expert And Professional Staff

We have employed highly-trained and experienced technicians to perform the right pest control solutions in Singapore. We address the root cause of your premise's pest infestation

Wide Range Of Services

We are a full service Singapore pest control specialist that can handle a wide range of pests: from termite control, bug removal, fumigation, bed bugs removal, and many more pest treatments

Quality Services

Our years of experience and improved methods have allowed us to be listed as one of the top pest control companies in Singapore, as we meet the standards set

Proven Treatment Methods

We utilise scientific and evidence-based formula and treatment solution to exterminate pests

Non-Toxic Chemicals

Our methods for pest control are environmental-friendly. We use non-toxic chemicals and sustainable solutions for your surroundings

Affordable Rates

All our services come at affordable and economical rates

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to work for our customers' needs and requirements

Free Consultation

We offer a no obligatory site inspection and transparent quotation

Our Pest Management Services

Termite Control

Remove hard to detect nesting with our termite control treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment

Let our specialist detect the
source of your bed bugs issues and
reduce the chances of
reoccurrence greatly

Pest Treatment

Pest Management

Protect your property
from pest infestations today



Here at execute pest control,
our fumigation services range
from property fumigation to car
vehicle fumigation

5 Stars Google Reviews Thus Far

Prompt and Professional

I have used to execute pest control for the past 5years. Their's professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and fast response are second to none. Excellent services removal for termites in my home and cockroaches for my F&B business. Great job and guys.

Logan Monique

Prompt and Professional

I have used to execute pest control for the past 5years. Their's professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and fast response are second to none. Excellent services removal for termites in my home and cockroaches for my F&B business. Great job and guys.

Logan Monique

Key Questions About Pest Control

Should I stick to DIY Methods?

There are many DIY solutions out there that are helpful in solving small infestations, or to get rid of minor pest issues. However, for larger and recurring infestations, it is recommended to engage a professional that will help to do a proper evaluation and potentially help you to save on cost in the long-run

How much does pest control service cost in Singapore?

Here are the factors that would affect pricing: (1) detection method used for accurate diagnosis, (2) opting in for either one-time pest control removal or multiple treatment, (3) the frequency of visits and follow ups, (4) the type of chemical method used, (5) the after treatment that may be needed for pest prevention, (6) scope of work: which depends on the size of your premise, and the various pests that are to be dealt with

Where are some possible Nest locations?

If your home has multiple entry points as well holes, then potentially pests can nest anywhere from: lawns, cracks and crevices, walls, stumps, even under foundations

How long do pest control solutions last?

In general, a proper pest control solution for most pests can last a minimum from 2 to 6 months depending on the intensity of the treatment and the way the premise is maintained. A serious infestation may require more constant follow ups. If the premise is maintained well, and prevention steps are taken, it could last longer than the stipulated period

Is monthly pest control needed?

Monthly maintenance is only required if the chemical treatment is being applied outside of the premise; which can lose its strength due to constant exposure to the external environment. Our team uses a more integrated approach that ensures that our clients do not need frequent visits from a pest control company; thereby saving on cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific pest infestation requires customised and targeted solutions. If you do not identify the correct pest species and its source, the whole treatment can go to waste. So, a pest control specialist knows how to do proper investigation and use effective pest extermination products.

The frequency and duration of pest control depend on the pest type and environmental conditions. A specialist would do a thorough examination before making a schedule.

We have staff members who are NEA licensed, and we only use the products registered with NEA. So, the products and chemicals we use for pest control are safe and non-toxic.

We offer monitoring and maintenance services to prevent any future invasion of pests. The humid atmosphere of Singapore can give rise to pest infestation at any time. So, it is recommended to go through a regular check and routine maintenance to avoid any pest problems.

Yes, our services include pest control for both residential and commercial buildings.

All the pest control treatments and solutions are variable. It depends on the type of pest, level of infestation, and the services required for its extermination. A professional pest control expert would do a survey before quoting the price.

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