How Do We Work?

Our work methodology consists of three steps to render the best pest control in Singapore.

Preliminary Examination

Once you contact us, our highly-qualified technician reaches you to do a thorough examination of your place. They investigate the level of pest infestation to determine the services required for pest control. Based on this investigation, a complete plan of action is devised to target the pest infestation.

Implementation Of Solution

After a complete examination, our technician would know what kind of treatment is needed to exterminate the pest. So, they will ensure an effective and quality procedure for eliminating bugs. Also, they will customise a remedy as per the need of the customers.

Monitoring And Maintenance

The work does not end after executing the treatment solution. Our staff stay in touch with the customers for regular monitoring checks and regularly maintains pest-free standards. Also, they ensure that the pest does not invade your place in the future.

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Pest Control Services In Singapore

Execute Pest Control is a highly-experienced, licensed, and reputable pest control company that offers pest control services in Singapore. Our services range over a variety of industries and sectors. We work on scientifically-backed approaches to execute quality extermination. Our solutions and treatments are designed to specifically target the pest infesting your premise in Singapore and implement the right pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control

Execute Pest control also offers commercial pest control services in Singapore to protect your offices and commercial buildings. With pest control, you can protect yourself, your employees, and customers from any hazards of pest-related problems. We employ the most effective methods to exterminate pests from commercial buildings and adopt eco-friendly solutions. You can maintain your business and company standards with the help of our pest control services.

Residential Pest Control

Execute Pest control provide pest control to residential buildings as well. Nothing is essential than protecting your home from the invasion of harmful pests. These bugs can make your life living hell and would not let you stay in peace at your home. So, to ensure the comfort, feeling of security, and protection, we protect your place and control pest infestation through scientific treatment solutions.

solve the root cause of your pest issue

What Makes Us Different?

Expert And Professional Staff

We have employed highly-trained and experienced technicians to perform pest control in Singapore. Our staff is expert in finding out the root cause of infestation and targets it as per the need.

Wide Range Of Services

We offer all pest control services in Singapore. You can rest assured to get termite control, bug removal, fumigation, bed bugs removal, and many more pest treatments.

Quality Services

We have gained experience with time and improved our methods to offer customers quality services and high-standard pest control. Our treatment solution wipes out the pest infestation entirely and prevents any future invasions.

Proven Treatment Methods

We utilise scientific and evidence-based formula and treatment solution to exterminate pests. We assure you of proven methods and treatments to target pest infestation and its control.

Non-Toxic Chemicals

Our methods for pest control are environmental-friendly. We use non-toxic chemicals and sustainable solutions for the surroundings.

Affordable Rates

All our services come at affordable and economical rates. You can enjoy our prompt and quality services cost-effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to work for our customers' needs and requirements. We ensure quality and thorough extermination for our customers’ satisfaction.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for your content and satisfaction. You can avail of this opportunity to get a valuable opinion to get rid of pests.

Our Pest Control Services


Termite Control

Remove hard to detect nesting
with our termite control treatment


Bed Bugs

Let our specialist detect the
source of your bed bugs issues and
reduce the chances of
reoccurrence greatly

3 pest control mosquitos

Pest Treatment

Protect your property
from pest infestations today

Fumigation 1


Here at execute pest control,
our fumigation services range
from property fumigation to car
vehicle fumigation


5 Stars Google Reviews Thus Far

Prompt and Professional

I have used to execute pest control for the past 5years. Their's professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and fast response are second to none. Excellent services removal for termites in my home and cockroaches for my F&B business. Great job and guys.

Logan Monique

Prompt and Professional

I have used to execute pest control for the past 5years. Their's professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and fast response are second to none. Excellent services removal for termites in my home and cockroaches for my F&B business. Great job and guys.

Logan Monique

Execute Pest Control Pte. Ltd. IconExecute Pest Control Pte. Ltd.


4.8 26 reviews

  • Avatar Lilly tan ★★★★★ in the last week
    Thank you for the excellent service. Execute pest services are always punctual every month. They follow up consistently & diligently & super reliable. The people are really friendly, happy & its a joy to work with them! No matter … More your pest problems, they will do your best to advise you accordingly & they have done a great job for us for the past 1 year plus! ???? Thank you Execute Pest Control! i will recommend them for pest control problems because they are really genuine & professional. Keep up the amazing services!! ????
  • Avatar ian wong ★★★★★ a week ago
    Bed Bugs treatment by technician Suhaimi was spot on. Did what they said, situation was controlled quickly. They proposes for super heat treatment was very effective as well.
    After sales service has been nothing but smooth and speedy.
    … More Good company to work with. Thank you so much we have restful nights now.
  • Avatar Dave Martin ★★★★★ a month ago
    Thank you for getting our pest control needs handled in such a rapid fashion. Much appreciated! The young man that serviced our home was clean-cut, courteous and professional. We could not have asked for any better service.
  • Avatar Krissy Nicole ★★★★★ a month ago
    Very nice and did a good job. Kept their word about coming back if we saw any further bugs. I am very pleased with them and I thought their price was reasonable.
  • Avatar Amanda Fischer ★★★★★ a month ago
    The service technicians are very professional and provided a lot of information and advice. Very good and friendly customer service. Would highly recommend them if you have any pest issues.
  • Avatar Monica Anderson ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    These guys are extremely cordial and professional. Guarantee their work and are always on time with a smile. I would recommend them at any time.
  • Avatar Teresa Lettieri ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    You have exceeded my expectations and I will recommend your service without hesitation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Specific pest infestation requires customised and targeted solutions. If you do not identify the correct pest species and its source, the whole treatment can go to waste. So, a pest control specialist knows how to do proper investigation and use effective pest extermination products.

    The frequency and duration of pest control depend on the pest type and environmental conditions. A specialist would do a thorough examination before making a schedule.

    We have staff members who are NEA licensed, and we only use the products registered with NEA. So, the products and chemicals we use for pest control are safe and non-toxic.

    We offer monitoring and maintenance services to prevent any future invasion of pests. The humid atmosphere of Singapore can give rise to pest infestation at any time. So, it is recommended to go through a regular check and routine maintenance to avoid any pest problems.

    Yes, our services include pest control for both residential and commercial buildings.

    All the pest control treatments and solutions are variable. It depends on the type of pest, level of infestation, and the services required for its extermination. A professional pest control expert would do a survey before quoting the price.

    Should I stick to DIY Methods?

    There are many DIY solutions out there that are helpful in solving small infestations, or to get rid of minor pest issues. However, for larger and recurring infestations, it is recommended to engage a professional that will help to do a proper evaluation and potentially help you to save on cost in the long-run 

    How much does pest control service cost in Singapore?

    Here are the factors that would affect pricing: (1) detection method used for accurate diagnosis, (2) opting in for either one-time pest control removal or multiple treatment, (3) the frequency of visits and follow ups, (4) the type of chemical method used, (5) the after treatment that may be needed for pest prevention, (6) scope of work: which depends on the size of your premise, and the various pests that are to be dealt with

    Where are some possible Nest locations?

    If your home has multiple entry points as well holes, then potentially pests can nest anywhere from: lawns, cracks and crevices, walls, stumps, even under foundations

    How long do pest control solutions last?

    In general, a proper pest control solution for most pests can last a minimum from 2 to 6 months depending on the intensity of the treatment and the way the premise is maintained. A serious infestation may require more constant follow ups. If the premise is maintained well, and prevention steps are taken, it could last longer than the stipulated period

    Is monthly pest control needed?

    Monthly maintenance is only required if the chemical treatment is being applied outside of the premise; which can lose its strength due to constant exposure to the external environment. Our team uses a more integrated approach that ensures that our clients do not need frequent visits from a pest control company; thereby saving on cost


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