Do Bed Bugs Bite Cause Disease?

Do bites from bedbugs cause disease? When talking about bed bugs and disease, the medical studies show that they do carry disease organisms, but they do not transmit disease. While some sources reports that bed bugs are able to transmit leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and brucellosis, these cases are accurately proven. Infections from the bites […]

Where do Pests Come From?

Where do Pests come from? The answer is nature. In Singapore the organisms we consider pests are naturally existing species that live roam in our world. Each species has its own tasks within the ecosystem and live with other living and non-living elements of the environment. Organisms survive to exploit resources in a way that […]

All about Ants.

Facts, Identification & Control How Did I Get Ants? Bad cleanliness is the main cause of ant problem. Placing unclean plates in the sink, left over food on countertops, food on the floor and trash not cleared give food for hungry ants. What starts with a few seekers coming to a home can turn into […]

Termites Prevention Tips.

How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home? Termite control is a 2 section procedure: preventing termites from going into your home and controlling spotted termite colonies. Ways to help prevent termites from wrecking your home are: Having regular, normally once a year, termite inspections from a trained specialist. Working with your pest control […]

Dry Wood Termites Singapore

Unlike other termites, drywood termites don’t have anything to do with dirt. Instead, they are homebodies, setting up house in wood. As there is no worker division, immatures and nymphs get stuck with all the work. Drywood termites swarm and then find cracks or knotholes in wood with potential for a cool pad. They start […]

How to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs In Singapore.

How to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs Act Fast Once you first see signs of bed bugs in your house, you need to be react fast. When the population is not big, it is much easier to control them. It takes around 3 months for a female bed bug to mature and start reproducing. Get […]

Bed Bug Treatment Singapore

What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a terror bug that cause their victims headaches. Even though bed bugs do not transmit any serious disease, this pest snatch away the peaceful night ofpeople. So here are the details of bed bugs: Bed bugs are not big These pests are really small and are around 1cm long. They have a […]

Cockroach Pest Control

Types Of Cockroach in Singapore

What Types of Cockroaches are there? There are four types of cockroaches in Singapore: American (Periplaneta americana), German (Blattella germánica), Australian (Periplaneta australasiae), and brown (Supella longipalpa). The American cockroach is the largest breed, extending to about 4cm in length. They are reddish brown, have tri-segmented bodies, are winged, and have antennae on their heads. […]

F&B Regulations

F&B Regulations NEA requires all F&B outlets in Singapore to be licensed in order to run the operation. A rule to obtain this license is to have a pest control covering the control of pests during the year-long licensing period. The frequency of the inspection should be at least once a month covered in the […]

Life Cycle Of A Mosquito

The mosquito has four separate and distinct stages of its life cycle: Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult. Each stages can be distinguished by its unique appearance. Egg: Eggs are laid one at a time or attached together to form “rafts.” They float on the surface of the water. In the case of Culex species, the […]


Booklice are wingless and often yellow or grey in colour. This insect has a soft body and can grow up to 6mm in length. Booklice are sometimes mistaken for bedbugs, as they have a similar squat body shape. When young, they can be entirely transparent becoming opaque as they grow larger. Adults have long thread-like […]