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Bed Bugs Vs Fleas.

Parasites in the Home Both bed bugs and fleas are a headache to control in your home. Once in your home, both pests will feed on you and your pets blood and begin to multiply. These annoying pests use their slim size and ability to enter homes unknowingly by moving on...

Bed Bugs Droppings.

Spotting The Bed Bug Droppings. One of the most effective way to spot a pest infestation is by looking for droppings. Bed bugs are no exception, and finding droppings on a mattress is a good signs that theyĆ­ve gone into the home. Fecal spotting is usually located in...

Types of termites treatment in Singapore

General Overview of Different Types of Treatment Options Termites can create massive damage to your home if fail you control them. They stay in the ground of your home and consume away the foundation and cabinets without ever being spotted. Preventive measures are...

How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home?

How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home? Termite control is a 2 section procedure: preventing termites from going into your home and controlling spotted termite colonies. Ways to help prevent termites from wrecking your home are: Having regular, normally...

Do Bed Bugs Bite Cause Disease?

Do bites from bedbugs cause disease? When talking about bed bugs and disease, the medical studies show that they do carry disease organisms, but they do not transmit disease. While some sources reports that bed bugs are able to transmit leprosy, Q-fever, oriental...

Where do Pests Come From?

Where do Pests come from? The answer is nature. In Singapore the organisms we consider pests are naturally existing species that live roam in our world. Each species has its own tasks within the ecosystem and live with other living and non-living elements of the...

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