Bed bugs are a terror bug that cause their victims headaches. Even though bed bugs do not transmit any serious disease, this pest snatch away the peaceful night ofpeople. So here are the details of bed bugs:

Bed bugs are not big
These pests are really small and are around 1cm long. They have a flat oval shape body allowing them to be able to fit in small cracks and crevices. But luckily they cannot fly.

Bed bugs can survive without feeding for months
They can actually survive for months without having any meal. This means that you still can get bed bugs even if vacate the place for a few months. Adult bed bugs can live as long as a year without feeding.

Bed bugs can infest at any place
Many misconceptions that people think bedbugs live only in dirty places. Bed bugs can infest anywhere and are not repelled by cleanliness. All it takes is just a male and female and they can start a big family.

Bed bugs lay 1 to 5 eggs in a day
A female bed bug can lay up around 300 to 500 eggs in her lifetime. All these eggs will hatch and produce more future generations. Afer a few months, they will grow into a big population and you will have a bad infestation.

Bed bugs feed on any person
Everybody is not safe from bed bugs however some people will not have any reactions to it. Bed bug bites cause a person skin to be itchy, red and bumpy. They mostly prepare the arms and the legs. If you are having these bite marks, it could be from other pests too so you need inspect your place to check if its bed

Bed bugs comes out to feed at night
This is one of the reasons why this pest is very hard to catch. They like to stay in hard to find places and come out to feed when the lights are gone. They have anesthetic chemical in their bites that make you don’t feel the bite. Once the victim reacts to itching by scratching their skin, the bed bugs will be long gone.

Bed bugs survives in a big range of temperatures
It is mistaken people think that bed bugs don’t survive in cold places. They can adapt in a very cold environment and a high temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius.

Bed bugs tracks can easily be identified
Although they are sneaky, you can easily tell whether you have bed bugs. Look around for blood stains on your sheets and mattresses. They are also visible to
the naked eye although they can crawl quite fast. They also have an awfull odour once crushed so you can squeeze them to confirm your worries.


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