‘7’ Signs of a Termite Infestation!

‘7’ Signs of a Termite Infestation!

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Did you notice the sudden appearance of wood blisters or strange pinpoint holes in your house? These could be signs of termites!

Termites aren’t harmful to people but “Yes” they can damage private and business properties. These nuisances can squash strong walls, stairs, cupboards, books, and other outfitting properties. Indeed, even termites can annihilate all the leaves of a tree or plant in the garden.

And destruction means spending a lot of money on reconstruction, right?

So, how could you get rid of them?

Various elements become the justification for the presence of termites, including rising temperatures, dampness levels, light intensity, wind, and atmospheric pressure. In certain nations, termite swarms show up in spring or where the temperature stays ideal. Looking for food, they can infiltrate into structures through small breaks and cracks and damage the property. Henceforth, it’s fundamental to recognise the early indications of termite infestation. Numerous experts of termites control in Singapore are capable enough in controlling the infestation. This will help in limiting the expenses of repair. 

Here we bring some signs that signal you might have a termite problem.

7 Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are tunnels that act as a protection house for termites. These little tunnels are made of dirt, soil, and termite droppings and are found in dark hidden spots of the property. These mud tubes are a warning that requires prompt consideration. So, if you spot mud tubes in your home, it concludes that your home is invaded by termites. 

  • Power Short Circuits

Sometimes, termites become the reason for short-circuit as they can chew the electrical wires as well. If short circuits become a regular issue to your home, this may occur because of termites. You need to inspect your electrical fittings behind dividers because the warmth can undoubtedly pull in termites. If you notice the heaps of mud, soil, or what resembles sawdust, it’s an indication of termite infestation.

  • Papery or Hollow Sounding Timber

Termites effectively attract the wood. Furniture made of wood can succumb to termites. Furthermore, when you abruptly knock or tap on a space, you may hear the sound of hollow or papery. It means the inside part of wooden furniture or all the timber has been eaten by termites. The same thing you can notice on the walls that are cracked. Termites devour cellulose found in the timber. The noticeable breaks could be an indication of termite movement activity. 

  • Piles of Detached Wings

Termites are the answer to harming laminate flooring and even skirting boards. Any influenced part or deck may sag or blister in explicit regions. To decrease the termite activities, you may have to initially check the under deck territory. What’s more, you can likewise check the floor if it’s spongy and conceivably springs more than usual. 

  • Cracked, Bloated, or Bubbled Paint

Individuals often believe that the reason torment breaks, bloating and bubbling could be water leaks or piping issues. It may be correct! But, sometimes, termites can affect the walls. When such pests eat the wood inside the walls, it can damage the design, affecting the walls’ perseverance and integrity. Hence, the outside finishing, including the paint, gets damaged. If such signs show up in your home, it’s an ideal opportunity to discover approaches to forestall the infestation. Our termites’ treatment in Singapore can prevent your home from infestation. 

  • Tunnels in Wood

It’s probably not easy to detect the tunnels created in wood by termites. If you notice a piece of broken wood near or in your home, it means termites have camped out in your home. With the accessibility of the various sorts of advanced technologies, including borescopes, electronic odour detectors, microwaves, sound detectors, infrared detectors, and X-rays, homeowners can without much of a stretch recognize the activity of termites. If you succeed in recognizing the early indications of infestation, it’s an ideal opportunity to discover techniques to forestall them. 

  • Head Banging Termites

If any peaceful clicking sounds come from the walls, it may be due to termites bumping their heads into the wood. Or they may be shaking their bodies. If your place is associated with such strong noise, the reason could be these undesirable bugs.

Get Rid of Termites With Execute Pest Control

So, if you determine the early signs of infestation, it’s time to contact a local pest control company to perform an inspection of your home. 
Execute Pest Control is an agency of pest control in Singapore that can help prevent your home from termites. Our specialists will first examine your home and apply a customized solution for your home’s unique needs.