Bed Bugs Droppings


Bed Bugs Droppings

How to Spot Bed Bug Droppings?

One of the most effective way to spot a pest infestation is by looking for droppings. Bed bugs are no exception, and finding droppings on a mattress is a good signs
that they’ve gone into the home.

Fecal spotting is usually located in the following places such as:

  • The mattress seam
  • Bed frames
  • Back or on the headboard
  • At the edge of carpets
  • At times, bed bug droppings can look similar to those of other pests, including cockroaches. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference is to look for additional
    evidence such as shed skins, hatched eggs, or the presence of blood.

Problems Associated with Bed Bug Droppings

Bed bugs do not spread diseases, but their bites can lead to problem with the skin. Additionally, infestations will quickly grow
out of control if not treated quickly. Once droppings or other signs of bed bugs have been spotted, contact the trained experts at Bed Bugs Specialists at Execute Pest Control.


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