Bed Bugs Vs Fleas.
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Bed Bugs Vs Fleas.

Parasites in the Home
Both bed bugs and fleas are a headache to control in your home. Once in your home, both pests will feed on you and your pets blood and begin to multiply.
These annoying pests use their slim size and ability to enter homes unknowingly by moving on to:

Mattresses and bed frames
Pets that went outdoor
Old furniture
It can be hard for homeowners to differentiate flea and bed bug infestations as they are similar. Because both pests bite, you need to
find out the species and find a solution quickly. Knowing characteristics about these pests help in effective control.

Differences Between Bed Bugs and Fleas
Both pests are brownish red and big enough to see with the naked eye. The shape of bed bugs are oval and flat while fleas have long narrow bodies and are able to jump.

Fleas and bed bugs consume the blood of human and animals. Bed bugs usually prefer humans when both human and animal are around,
but fleas would prefer animals usually.

It is importatnt to know that spotting bites are not enough to identify bed bugs vs fleas, nor is the look of the bite. Because everyone don’t react the same to the
pest, not all bites will look the same.

Another big difference between bed bugs and fleas is the way they move. Bed bugs can only craw but not jump or fly. On the other hand, fleas have strong legs and
are able to jump far.

Treatments for Bed Bugs vs. Fleas
Because fleas and bed bugs live on pets or in home, getting clear of either pest will have some challenges. Cleaning mattresses and showering pets may
reduce populations but will not stop an infestation. Contact the SG pest control specialists at Execute Pest Control for help with inspection and removal.

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