Booklice are wingless and often yellow or grey in colour. This insect has a soft body and can grow up to 6mm in length. Booklice are sometimes mistaken for bedbugs,
as they have a similar squat body shape. When young, they can be entirely transparent becoming opaque as they grow larger.
Adults have long thread-like antennae, large compound eyes and a swollen forehead.

Booklice live in warm environments with plenty of moisture and humidity. They prefer to inhabit undisturbed spaces and are often found around books and papers,
in furniture, under wallpaper, along the sides of windows, and in damp areas that support the growth of mould. Certain species of booklice will attack stored grains
and infest household pantries as well as granaries, warehouses, and commercial food processing facilities.
Booklice are most common and active during spring and summer.

Preventing an infestation of booklice starts with eliminating the moisture that fosters the growth of the mould on which the pests subsist.
This can be achieved by reducing the level of humidity around the home with the use of dehumidifiers or fans. Keeping high-risk areas such as bathrooms and
attics properly ventilated will also help with the reduction of moisture levels. Additionally, books and papers should be kept off the floor and stored in
a dry place to prevent the items from becoming damp, growing mould, and attracting booklice

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