Can Bed Bugs Fly

Can Bed Bugs Fly

Q: Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

The short answer is no.

Modern bed bugs share their genetic heritage with prehistoric ancestors who also had wings, but today’s wing pads are undeveloped and not suitable for flight. The insects cannot jump, so they rely to either climb or crawl in search of a host.

Q: How do bed bugs fly around Singapore?

Bed bugs have six legs and no wings. They can’t fly or jump, but are quick to crawl on people’s belongings when they move around and hitch a ride by hiding in luggage or clothing.

Q: Do Bed Bugs Fly into Houses?

Even the cleanest home can get bed bugs. Although many homeowners think that bed bugs enter their homes via open doors, windows and other entry points, they do not have flight capable wings and cannot fly into a building. Bed bugs are most often picked up by visiting:

  • Airports
  • Dorm rooms
  • Hotels and motels
  • Public areas: shopping malls, shop houses, etc.
  • Other households

These insects have few options for movement, so they latch onto fabric that might function as an item they infest and use for transport inside a home. Once the pests get inside a house, they spread quickly. They are also sometimes found in taxis, rental cars, and other forms of public transportation.

Unlike most insects, bed bugs only feed on blood and are not interested in food. This makes them the insect least likely to enter into a human space unless they have been lured by a “blood meal”. When fed, bedbugs leave their homes for months at a time, spreading disease with each bite from infested mattresses or couches.

Engage A Specialist

If you are aware that your premise has a bed bug infestation, it is crucial that you engage a bed bugs control Singapore specialist immediately. Why? Simply because it is easy to kill a bed bug, but it is difficult to find the root cause of your bed bugs infestation, and they breed and spread really quickly.