Dry Wood Termites Singapore
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Dry Wood Termites Singapore

Unlike other termites, drywood termites don’t have anything to do with dirt. Instead, they are homebodies, setting up house in wood.
As there is no worker division, immatures and nymphs get stuck with all the work.

Drywood termites swarm and then find cracks or knotholes in wood with potential for a cool pad. They start by gnawing a small tunnel, then close it, excavate a chamber, and mate. Yet they may stay dormant for nearly a year and work on their relationship instead.
Or, they can lay up to 5 eggs, 20 nymphs and 1 soldier.

By the end of the second year the colony may have grown to 6-40 nymphs and 1 soldier; by the third year there may be 40-165 individuals, and by the fourth year the
population explodes to 70-700. By this time, swarmers may have developed. They swarm in dozens or sometimes even hundreds – not a welcome sight.

Drywood termites can chew through support beams, floors and walls, causing expensive home repairs. In fact, drywood termites and other termite species cause a
collective $5 billion in property damage each year.

Drywood termites control treatment method includes pumping foam into the wood, the foam expands up to 30 times its initial size. This pushes the foam through every corridor of the nest and makes it impossible for termites to escape.

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