Mosquito Breeding in Condominiums (MCST)
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Mosquito Breeding in Condominiums (MCST)

How common is mosquito breeding in condominiums? It is actually more common than we think.

Mosquitoes are drawn to swimming pools in condominiums because of the water and fungal growth which makes it an optimal breeding spot for mosquitoes. When mosquitoes find a suitable spot, they then lay their eggs which can multiply to large swarms.


Chemicals are not recommended to be used as the pools are meant for people to swim in which can be harmful to their skin. Instead, condominiums should put in consistent effort maintain the cleanliness of the pools and practice proper pool maintenance.

Some of the common places that are common for mosquito breeding is in open and closed drains, outdoor litter bins, air-conditioner trays, containers, ground puddles and flower pots.

To prevent the issue from aggravating, the condominium must check the roof drainage, gutters of condominium buildings, bins and walkways to ensure that there are no mosquitoes.

Subsequently, sand granular must be applied to the traps, lighting conductor pits and stop-cock pits.

Water tanks also have to be properly covered, and that all drainage outlets are properly sealed.


Other than pools, pests also tend to linger in gyms and BBQ pits. Gyms that are covered in sweat and bacteria left behind by the users. BBQ pits where people cook and consume their food can attract pests to breed as well.

To eliminate mosquito breeding, remove or treat all potential breeding habitats with insecticide. All breeding and potential breeding spots must be reported to the condominium management so that they are able to take the necessary action to resolve the issue. To resolve the issue, fogging can also be done to the areas that are infected with mosquitoes. This can easily be done if one engages a professional pest control Singapore company that offers mosquitos control services.

In 2017, 13 000 cases of dengue cases was recorded signifying how common dengue actually is. Also, mosquitoes tend to breed better in warmer climates. Mosquitoes can be easily found in areas that are dim and shady or stagnant water.

Furthermore, people between the ages of 56 to 80 are more prone to getting dengue. The community needs to put in hard work to reduce the rise in number of dengue cases that are occurring in our community. All of us has a part to play in combatting dengue by being more mindful of our habits and taking conscious effort to clean our premises.

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