F&B Regulations
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F&B Regulations

F&B Regulations

NEA requires all F&B outlets in Singapore to be licensed in order to run the operation.
A rule to obtain this license is to have a pest control covering the control of pests during the year-long licensing period.
The frequency of the inspection should be at least once a month covered in the contract.

Why Pest control is important in F&B?

Food safety is the key to F&B business. Because pests bring disease with them, you do not want to
contaminate your food as it will make people sick and tarnish your business reputation. If there is a high level of pest infestation,
it could mean that you have to stop your business for a period and it will affect your revenue.

Why Good housekeeping is Important?

In any F&b outlets, spillage and food dropping outside of dust bin while clearing are bound to happen.
If the food or juices are not cleared properly, they act as an invitation to many pests. They are able to come
into your outlet through cracks, vents and areas that you will not notice. When this happens, you will need to contact
pest control services to control the pests.

Types of pest commonly found in F&b outlets.

Pests such as ants, flies, cockroaches and rodents can be found in any type premises with food such as warehouse, grocery store or eatery.

You do not want to overlook the safety of your food and beverages. Contact a pest control professional even if do not have any noticeable pest situation as
it is required by NEA.

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