We have come a very long way from small, but promising beginnings. Since inception, we have been Singapore leading and most trusted provider for residential and commercial pest control: from termites and woodborers to cockroaches and others we safely eliminate all unwanted pests. No one knows, or gets rid of pests, the way we do we offer bedbug control Singapore which is matchless and most effective.

Bed Bug Control Singapore

Gorging on the blood of humans and animals, adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. To hide in the day time, they use desks, drapery, linens, nightstands, headboards, mattresses, artwork frames, and clothing. Using its two hollow tubes, a bed bug pierces the skin of warm blooded individuals and draws blood.  This is how it feeds on the body of a host for a few minutes.

How do we eliminate bed bugs?

To determine the locations and extent of infestation, our well-experienced and professional team inspects the premises. After the inspection is completed, a thorough treatment is applied to the infested areas, depending on the analysis of the inspection. This enables you to get rid of the bed bugs and prevents them from infesting your home in the future.

Benefits of our treatment:

  • Very convenient.
  • A completely odorless, hassle-free and safe solution for elders, kids, pets and persons with allergy.
  • Carried out at any time of the day – Long-lasting and a highly efficient treatment.


You get the best possible solution for your problem with the unique combination of an experienced, professional team and quality products. Giving you unmatched relief from the pests, re-infestation is prevented at all costs.

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Execute Pest Control is a licensed exterminator & pest control company. We have been giving the most reliable and trustworthy pest control management services to different home owners and businesses. You can be guaranteed that our company only practice safe measures in getting rid of pest, giving you the best safety standard in our services.

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