Homeowners Guide for Getting Rid of Ants!

Homeowners Guide for Getting Rid of Ants!

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With more than 1,000 species of ants, these types of insects bring harmful germs and bacteria to both homeowners and renters. Always in search of food, these tiny pests can cover the unreachable part of the house. Some species can’t only eat wood but also cause painful bites and reactions. 

They can even form nests in the home if they get an entry point and steady source of food like sweet and greasy snacks. And of course, this isn’t good as ant infestation leads to various diseases and bacterias. Thus, ant control treatment must include keeping your residential area fresh and healthy. Taking professional help for ants control in Singapore won’t only save your house from unnecessary health concerns but also protect you from unwelcome visitors. 

Here we mention some advanced tips for getting rid of ants! 

Let’s find out!

Guide For Getting Rid of Ants

  • Keep Your House Clean

Ants easily get attracted to food like sugar and protein. Therefore, make sure such items are stored in a tight container. If sugar, honey, maple syrup, and soda spills all over the floor, it’s recommended to vacuum every corner of the floor immediately, especially carpets and upholstery. And, dispose of the vacuum’s content instantly after cleaning. 

  • Remove Damp Spots and Rotted Wood

Ants build colonies inside and outside the home because they always prefer the dump areas. Even showers, windows, and basements all become hidden places for them. That’s why you need to put extra attention on it while cleaning your house. If there is any leakage, fix them quickly and replace the damaged wood furniture also.

  • Set Up Ant Baits

Another most effective method to keep your house ants free is to set up the ant baits around the house. The various types of ants baits available in the market can easily reduce the ants’ numbers. If you still found the ants indoor and outdoor areas, buy different brands of baits until you find one that can control the ant infestation. For killing off the ants, the sweet bait syrup can easily do it when ants track the liquid. And hence, it lessens the number of ants. But, if you have pets, set the bait carefully.

  • Seal Ant Entry Points

Ant colonies may include a couple of hundred to many thousand ants per colony. However, the elimination of the potential hides and nesting spots makes the house less attractive for ants. It won’t invade the ant colonies into your house or re-infest your home. Therefore, it’s recommended that seal cracks, entry points, and crevices around windows, doors, baseboards and other places. Also, block the holes around cables pipes and wires with copper mesh or another suitable material.

  • Hire Pest Control Executives

If the previously mentioned methods aren’t showing effective results, professional assistance might lessen your burden and control the ant infestation. No one likes to get infected by any harmful disease. However, the experts of ants pest control in Singapore are always equipped with the appropriate tools and pesticides that reduce the population of ants. They’re well aware of techniques and methods to take down such insects and protect your property from infestation.

Wrapping Up!

Maybe you’re always lurking for a permanent solution to control the spread of ants? You already used thousands of pesticides products. But, nothing was found effective. Therefore, for keeping the ant infestation under control, hire a pest control professional. They have the products and ant control kit for controlling the infestation. 

So, contact our Execute Pest Control agency, which holds the professionals of pest control in Singapore, for making your home free from any type of pest!