How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home?
What Can Attract Termites and Lead to an Infestation

How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home?

How Can You Prevent Termites from Wrecking Your Home?
Termite control is a 2 section procedure: preventing termites from going into your home and controlling spotted termite colonies.

Ways to help prevent termites from wrecking your home are:

Having regular, normally once a year, termite inspections from a trained specialist.

Working with your pest control specialist to diagnose the situations in your home, such as many trapped water and wood touching the ground, which is favourable to
termite infestation.

Checking on what preventative termite treatments, direct wood treatment, bait and monitoring systems, etc. will work the best depending on your home construction and indication of infestation in your home.

What Can You Do To Prevent Subterranean Termite Infestations?

Remove Access
Close gaps around water pipes which they can get into your home to help get rid of entry points.

Wood touching the soil is a typical access point for subterranean termites trying to get into your home. Try to remove wood touching the soil if you can. You can also treat the wood with termiticide to prevent termites from consuming them.

Reduce Food Sources
Dispose away extra items with cellulose. Change landscaping mulch with cellulose-free items or shift it back at least
six inches from your foundation.

Reduce Excess Moisture
Ensure there is not trapped water anywhere around your home.

Repair leaking water pipes, stucked gutters and air conditioner condensation pipes that may be dripping.

Spot for Activity and Adopt Prevention Measures

Talk to your pest control Singapore specialist to provide prevention techniques around your home, which invovles monitoring stations, liquid treatment or direct wood treatment. Monitoring stations do not cause any disruption as they can only show signs of activity but they can not give any cover against
infestations. Proactive treatment can give cover to your home against future infestations.

What Can You Do To Prevent Drywood Termite Infestations?

Take Away Access
Drywood termites can go into your home through small cracks in the wall. Cover all cracks and crevices to stop termites from coming in. Ways to cut down access are, coating a new layer of paint on crevices in wood to close the gap, putting insect screens over top of your house and undgerground vents.

Reduce Food Sources
Clear away rotting trees, and any other dead wood that drywood termites can infest.
Monitor for Activity and Adopt Prevention Techniques

Inspect lumber:
Wood shingles make comfortable entries for drywood termites. Take note of signs of drywood termites around places with wood shingles. Ask your termite specialist
about different treatment ways that can help cover your home from termites.

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