How to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs In Singapore.
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How to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs In Singapore.

How to Control and Prevent Bed Bugs

Act Fast
Once you first see signs of bed bugs in your house, you need to be react fast. When the population is not big, it is much easier to control them. It takes
around 3 months for a female bed bug to mature and start reproducing.

Get mattress safe cover
You can get an encasement for your mattress. This will prevent them from staying around your mattress. You should get this encasement even if you do not have an
infestation as a preventive measure. The casings are usually very durable and made of good quality material.

Be careful about used items
Bed bugs like to stay on mattresses, sofas, pillows and some other furnitures. Never bring used furnitures into your own home. Even if you try to inspect these items,
you may not be thorough enough and all it takes is 2 bed bugs for an infestations. You should also be wary about used electrical appliances.

Get vacuum sealed bags
Keep your clothings in vacuum sealed bags. Do this especially when you want to keep items such as blankets and sweaters
and you are afraid of bed bugs going into them. You can also do this before the pest controller go to your place.

Contact a pest control technician in Singapore.
You may be tempted to control this pest yourself but it is not a proper idea. Do not have the wrong thinking of underestimating bed bugs. Engage a pest control Singapore specialist who is able to handle the chemicals and equipments for killing bed bugs. It may cost more but getting good peaceful sleep is definitely more worth it.

Wash and heat dry your bed bugs
Your blankets, mattress cover and bed sheets etc are all perfect resting places for bed bugs. Ensure you regularly wash and heat-dry these items to destroy any bed
bugs or their eggs. You should also do the same method to your clothings.

Take safety actions when staying in hotels
If you plan to go overseas and stay in hotels, ensure that you cover your luggage in plastic. If during the stay you notice any bed bugs, report to the hotel staff and
request to change room. Wash all your clothes in hot water once you return. It is wise to search around the hotel room before staying in.

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