How to prevent a pest infestation in your commercial kitchen

How to prevent a pest infestation in your commercial kitchen

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Guess where are the most common places that pests would lurk other than a garbage ground? It is none other than the kitchen. Simply because there is a constant influx of people and food! Commercial kitchens and hawker centres are places that are susceptible to pests. Therefore, it is imperative that cleanliness is maintained and its areas are well sanitised from time to time.

Pests can cause disruption to your F&B operations, and it can be hazardous to have them being in close contact with the food that will be served to customers. Today, we will be discussing some tips on how you can avoid a pest infestation in your commercial kitchen or store




Common Pests Found In The Kitchen

> Cockroaches

Cockroaches love organic waste and kitchens are at times in close proximity with a rubbish area, which would only attract cockroaches to lie. Not only that, but cockroaches enjoy the warm temperatures created in the kitchen and they tend to hide in cracks and crevices near the cookers.

> Ants & Flies

And of course, ants. They are attracted to almost any type of food source. So, if your kitchen has food crumbs, sweets, food remnants, you can expect them to start looking for those items. They will hunt for miles just to find the food source in your kitchen. Thus, it is important that the food ingredients are kept well in the air tight containers or in the refrigerator. In addition, look out for their trials! Compared to ants, flies are more difficult to catch and kill.

> Mice & Rats

If you have a leaking pipe in your kitchen, you better get it fixed. Rats tend to look for shelter, food supply, and water. They are agile and know how to hide in small cracks in your kitchen and could often go unnoticed.

Susceptible Areas In Your Kitchen

Start to pay attention to areas that are susceptible to pests and give those areas the attention they deserve. Ensure that your kitchen is checked regularly.

The top areas where pests will lie are:

  • Waste disposal areas
  • Food storage areas
  • Food preparation areas
  • Dining areas

Guidelines To Prevent a Pest Infestation In Your Kitchen 

> Throw your trash regularly

Ensure that your trash is disposed of and taken out regularly to avoid cockroaches and other kinds of pests to gather. It would be helpful to keep your trash bins covered as well.

> Store your food properly

Avoid leaving your food out in the open for too long. Keep them in enclosed places such as your refrigerator, or in sealed containers. Ensure that they are also kept at the right temperature.

> Seal or close your entry points

Keeping your kitchen windows and doors closed can actually go a long way. Conversely, leaving them open is as good as giving the pests an easy entry into your kitchen.

> Install pest traps on susceptible areas

Install fly-screens on your windows and doors. Other than that, you could also rat traps, ant poison and cockroach baits.

> Sanitize your kitchen

As pests go into your kitchen, they can also transport bacteria and diseases. In addition, they can also cause contamination to your food. Ensure that you pay close attention to the hot-spot areas and get your kitchen cleaned regularly.

It would also be helpful to educate your staffs and workers to follow certain guidelines such as trash disposal, or ensuring that areas are kept tidy and cleaned.

Engage A Pest Control Singapore Company That Is Specialized In F&B Pest Control

All in all, a pest control professional will come in handy when a commercial kitchen experiences a pest infestation. The difficulty is mainly in detecting where the infestation lies (which can often be hidden), and coming up with a solution that will address the root of the pest infestation problem.

At times, it could be the cleanliness that is the issue, and that is why if you follow the tips above, the likelihood of getting a pest infestation will reduce greatly. 

For larger commercial kitchens, it is important to get a professional company that specializes in F&B pest control. Because the scope of work can be more complex compared to residential or home pest control.