How To Protect Your Home Against Rats And Mice?

How To Protect Your Home Against Rats And Mice?

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“Pest Problems” – a real threat for both residential and commercial owners! And a worse scenario than this is – how to get rid of them!

During both the dry and wet season, rats, mice, and rodents always in search of food and shelter. And once inside, it leads to various offensive infestations. They don’t only put the home at risk for electrical fires by biting wires but also give birth to various health problems. Moreover, rodents and rats like to live outside. But, when the temperature gets extremely hot, it attracts rats and mice to air-conditioned and temperature-controlled homes.

In addition to physical damage, multiple pests like rats and mice also cause various life-threatening diseases. These harmful diseases developed throughout the home. So, don’t let rodents ruin your clean and tidy space. And taking assistance from pest control service professionals will wipe out even the invisible mice in walls. They have the right methods and tools to exterminate or control the pest.

Before noticing the signs of rats and mice inside your home, it’s necessary to take proper protection against them. Let’s have a look at those!

Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Rats and Mice

● Check the Entry Points

Mice and rats are excellent climbers, and even they can enter the home through small holes and gaps. It has been said that mice and rats have collapsible skeletons that allow them to fit through any size of the hole. Their sleek body shape and small size enable them to pass through any opening space. Therefore, take an around to your building and home to find out the gaps, holes, and even small opening areas. Don’t forget to check the disrepair area. Spaces under the doors and windows can also give benefit to rats entering the room. So, cover this space with draft excluders. Plus, avoid using plastic, rubber, wood or anything else because mice can easily make it through.

● Keep your Home Tidy and Clean

A more cleaning room can convert the home into less clutter space. In addition, it also creates a more limited place for rodents to hide and nest. That’s why it’s recommended to keep the area clean and tidy. Plus, remove the unwanted items to free up space. You need to check the space regularly and keep the container sealed. Sometimes, rodents can hide in the overgrown shrubs. That’s why it’s necessary to keep your garden trimmed and tidy.

● Use Mouse Traps

Another way to protect your home from mice and rats is to bring mouse traps. By keeping the mouse-approved favourite foods, including chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, dried fruit or hazelnut, you can trap them in a cage. Once you set the baited trap, the mice will automatically get attracted to food and get trapped in the cage. If the food isn’t working, you can use other material like cotton balls or feathers.

● Hire Pest Control Services

One of the effective ways to protect your home from rodents, mice, and rats is to hire a well-reputable pest control professional to exterminate the pests. They have all the reliable tools and equipment along with eco-friendly solutions to free your house from these harmful pests. By keeping comfort, security, and protection at the priority, they will do their best to protect your place and control pest infestation through scientific treatment solutions. Therefore, choose a professional who is licensed and certified in the particular field.

● Store Food in Airtight Containers

Storing food in an open container gives a chance to mice and rats to eat the food. The majority of rodents and mice are omnivorous and opportunistic feeders. Once the rodents find a good source of food, they will further enter into your main food storage area “kitchen”. Therefore, you need to store the food in a sealed container. This is necessary for any home as the rats easily get attracted to the food. And don’t forget to wash the bins with a diluted bleach solution and water to discourage any unwelcome visitors.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned methods will not only protect your home against rats and mice but also exterminate them permanently from your house. With the availability of appropriate eco-friendly solutions, you can easily keep your home fresh and orderly. Hiring the professionals of pest control services can give a huge advantage to your family and protect them from any harmful health diseases.