Tips to Prevent Ants From Home

Tips to Prevent Ants From Home

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Ants in living quarters are a serious problem, which is especially relevant for residents of private houses and apartments located on the first floors. Insects appear unexpectedly in spring and summer, penetrating into a dwelling from the street or from the basement.

The main reason for their appearance is the lack of cleanliness of the premises. Leftovers and crumbs attract pests. Even in the cleanest apartment, ants can start if you leave food in easily accessible places. Ants make trails from the food source to the nest. If you look closely, they can be seen on the walls, cabinets, and tables. House ants love warmth and humidity, so they live close to water and food in apartments.

The availability of various methods of ants control in Singapore and in other countries make it a little easy to get rid of them.

What dangers are these unwanted guests, and how to get rid of ants in the house on our own using various methods? Where can they enter the house and how can they enter the house and how can this be prevented? 

Let’s have a look.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

Since ants are extremely prolific and almost invisible, it’s very difficult to get rid of them. But ant control methods do exist.

  • Vinegar

To identify pathways leading to food, ants release certain pheromones as they create them. If the paths are lubricated with a solution of vinegar and water, the ants will lose their bearings. For convenience, you can use a spray bottle and uninvited guests will leave in search of a more comfortable home. For efficiency, it’s better to repeat the procedure after a few days.

  • Chalk

Chalk is an effective method that will help in getting rid of ants. The chalk is made up of calcium carbonate, which keeps the ants away. Spraying the powdered chalk or drawing a line of chalk at the entrance and other areas. To keep ants out of your house, you can draw chalk lines so that these bugs don’t enter. It’s surely effective as this line stops the ants from coming inside. Make sure you make the line in a way that’s out of reach of any child in the house.

  • Essential Oils

Ants can’t stand strong odours. Therefore, essential oils of clove, lavender, cinnamon, wormwood, and pine needles can help in the fight against them. They’re impregnated with pieces of fabric or cotton balls and placed in insect habitats and on trodden paths.

  • Soda

It reacts with the acid, and the ant dies. It remains to make the ants eat a very unpleasant product. For this, soda is mixed with sugar and a little water is added. The resulting solution is left in all places accessible to insects.

  • Peppers

The hot seasoning scares away intruders. Pepper is scattered on ant paths and in the habitat of the colony.

  • Boiling Water

Hot water will also help kill insects. However, the efficiency will be zero if you don’t pour boiling water on the nest itself, namely the queen ant.

  • Traps

They contain a strong poison inside. In this case, the insect is lured by an appetizing aroma. Falling into such a trap, the ant is smeared in a poisonous mixture and carries directly to the nest. This method is the safest for both people and pets.

  • Salt

Spreading salt all over the nooks and corners from where ants enter the house will help to keep ants away. Salt is one of the best and effective methods to get rid of ants. You can also use ordinary table salt. All you need to do is to add a large amount of salt to boil water. You can spray where you think ants tend to enter from.

  • Hire Pest Control Professionals

If previously mentioned methods fail to provide effective results, it’s time to hire a pest control company. Such organizations are fully-fledged with highly skilled exterminators who have the appropriate knowledge and skills in controlling pests like ants and others. They know how to eliminate such unwelcome visitors from your house and other private premises.

Overall Takeaway

Are you looking for a reliable pests control method? Our professional ants’ pest control in Singapore aren’t only skilled and proficient but they’re well-equipped with knowledge for controlling the infestation of ants. 

So, if you have any query, you can ask us freely anytime.

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