Top 8 Things To Look For In A Commercial Pest Control Company
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Top 8 Things To Look For In A Commercial Pest Control Company

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Commercial pest control is really unlike residential pest control in terms of scale, scope of work, expertise needed. In general, commercial pest control in Singapore is a lot more complex, and residential pest control is easier to do. Why? Think of it this way, it is much easier to reallocate a family than to reallocate a business. In addition, commercial terrain is vastly different and thus there is no one-sized fit all approach in commercial pest control. 

Today, we will discuss the top things to look for in a commercial pest control company. 

  1. Able To Handle a Wide Scope of Work

Setting up a few pest traps and applying a few pest control solutions might sound simple, but imagine having to manage a much bigger premise and coming up with preventive measures! That is why it is important that a professional company does integrated pest management (IPM); which includes long-term prevention plans and coming up with a strategy that ensures that there is minimum damage done to the products and the people in the facility. 

Thus it is important that for whichever company that you work with, that you ask them about their detailed IPM plan for your premise. It is also important that they are able to handle a wide scope of work. You do not want to run to an unforeseen circumstance and having to find out that they need to outsource that work to somebody else just to solve that pest issue.

(2) Strong SOP Process

Because the scope of work is much bigger in this line, thus it is imperative that you find out what their process is like. Coming up with a strategy is definitely one thing, but being able to ensure that the execution is smooth is another. 

A company that has a strong process in place will ensure that standards are always method regardless of any human error that is being made at times.

(3) Accredited & Licensed

It is also crucial that you do not get someone who is just competent, but a licensed company. This is because an unlicensed company will not ensure that your premise is covered. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, you might not be even insured. Therefore, it is important not to cut corners and ensure that the company that you have engaged has all the necessary accreditations and proof points. 

(4) Their Inspection Process 

A reliable commercial pest control company will always offer a detailed inspection before giving any quotation or committing to anything. In addition, they will be able to diagnose the root of your pest infestation properly. 

An experienced company will naturally know where to look for the pest issues in your premise and is able to identify the areas that are more susceptible to pest infestation, and offer a solution to that issue. 

(5) Detailed Quotation & Plans

A quick way to check if the company is professional, is to see how they do up their quotation. An inexperienced company would not be detailed in their quotation as well as their plans. 

(6) Thorough Reporting 

After an inspection, a reliable company should have a full report for you. That also shows that they have examined your premise and have a good idea of the plans moving forward. An experienced professional does not need to be prompted to give a clear explanation of what kinds of treatment is needed for your premise as well. 

(7) Responsive Follow-Ups 

Other than execution, you can ask about how they are going to review the results and efforts made. 

(8) Comprehensive Guarantee Or Warranty

Lastly, a reliable SG pest control company will provide you a comprehensive warranty and guarantee to ensure that in the event that things do not go to plan, that they will be able to handle the situation well.