A reddish-brown colored apple seed like-sized creature that hides around our bed and often bites human beings to live on their blood is none other than the mischievous bed bug. They are usually 4 to 5 mm in length. They commonly infest homes, hospitals, theatres, seats of railway compartments and every place for which people seek medical help if they are infected and also try to get rid of such breeding places. These bed bugs usually thrive in damp places and clothes henceforth a sundry treatment for clothes is always advisable.


There are several good companies giving bed bugs services in Singapore. Execute pest control is one of them giving superior Bed bug service in Singapore. They provide professional services both for household and business enterprises and most importantly though safe measures. The main reason for choosing their services is threefold.

  • Quality assurance – Which comes from years of experience
  • NEA certified – All operators and technicians are NEA certified thereby quality is assured.
  • Free Consultation – Initial consultation is free of cost thereby ensuring site visit and peace of mind from transparency.

Their modus operandi is quite simple and three-fold :-

  • Preliminary risk assessment in which the level of infestation is gauged and thereby planning the most effective way to be adapted
  • The team conducts periodic spot checks to check recurrence of the pests
  • Regular maintenance as and when required may be suggested

Bed bugs are usually found in drapes, bed sheets, sofas, furniture, and carpets, etc. and the major factor for the rise of bed bugs since 1980 is mainly because of the increased travel of individuals. Thus the need for Bed Bug Removal in Singapore has increased.

Armed with an experience of around 50 years Execute Pest control is one of the leading bed bug removals Singapore depends on.

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Execute Pest Control is a licensed exterminator & pest control company. We have been giving the most reliable and trustworthy pest control management services to different home owners and businesses. You can be guaranteed that our company only practice safe measures in getting rid of pest, giving you the best safety standard in our services.

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