Types Of Cockroach in Singapore

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Types Of Cockroach in Singapore

What Types of Cockroaches are there?

There are four types of cockroaches in Singapore: American (Periplaneta americana), German (Blattella germánica), Australian (Periplaneta australasiae), and brown (Supella longipalpa).

The American cockroach is the largest breed, extending to about 4cm in length. They are reddish brown, have tri-segmented bodies, are winged, and have
antennae on their heads.

The German cockroach is shorter, ranging from 2 to 4 cm in length. Various colors present themselves, going from a pale tan to black.
Although it has wings on its back, it cannot fly. Another distinguishing characteristic is two dark lines that run from the base of the head to the beginning of
the wings, looking like an equal (=) sign.

The Australian cockroach is 2-3 cm in length. A mask pattern of dark brown and yellow near its head is the distingushing feature, and it is able to fly.

Finally, the brown cockroach is the smallest of the four, growing to roughly 1.3cm long. It is also a flier, and is recognizable because of
its light brown color and two long, brown bands that wrap around its body.


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