Where do Pests Come From?
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Where do Pests Come From?

Where do Pests come from?

The answer is nature. In Singapore the organisms we consider pests are naturally existing species that live roam in our world.
Each species has its own tasks within the ecosystem and live with other living and non-living elements of the environment.
Organisms survive to exploit resources in a way that cut down competition with other species.

An interesting example is the common bed bug, an organism that prefers to feed on human’s blood.
Evidence shows that it is related to bat bug, which feeds on bats.
By switching to a new host, the bed bug no longer had to compete for food with bat bugs, making it an condemned pest today.

Other types of pests.

Other pests, however, can be pre-adapted to exploit human conditions. Insects that feed on dried plant material, for example,
are well equipped to survive production plants, grocery stores and our homes. In this way, humans make food finding for these
pests much easier than finding scattered seeds on the forest floor. An abundant and predictable food source is one reason our environments are attractive targets
for pest species.

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