Psocids (Psocoptera), or booklice

Psocids (Psocoptera), or booklice, are very common in Singapore, due to our humidity and
tropical weather. These bugs thrives in humid conditions. They likely came in through

construction materials while the house was being built, and simply stayed to breed. They can feed
on microscopic mold that is growing in the humid areas they are in. However they do not bite,
sting, or bother people or pets. Also, “booklice” is actually an inappropriate name for these bugs,
because they’re not lice, and they don’t live in books!
They have often been mistaken for Termites or “white ants”, but on closer examination booklice
have more prominent eyes and a distinct neck. They are treated as a nuisance pest and do not
transmit diseases.

How Serious Are Psocids?

The presence of psocids is merely a nuisance because the pests do not harm humans or pets and do not bite. Large populations usually indicate an underlying mold or moisture problem. When homeowners spot them near stored food in pantries, the pests are an indicator of food spoilage. If items are infested by psocids, throw the items away and take steps to reduce the humidity and moisture in and around other, non-infested foods.

How do you know you have an infestation?

You will find tiny love booklice crawling around your cupboards, walls, books, and upholstered furniture
Tiny eggs of about 50-60, laid either singly or in clusters usually whiteish green or brown.


Reproduction & Life Cycle

The females lay eggs in the spring and summer. The immature insects are called nymphs. They look like the adults but have no wings.

Size: Depending on the species, the size ranges from 1 to 6 mm.
Color: The color of psocids varies according to the species.
Wings: Psocids that live outdoors often have wings. Psocids that invade homes usually have very small wings or no wings at all.
Psocids have chewing mouthparts, but they do not bite people or pets. When they invade kitchens, they can contaminate open packages of food.


The ULV misting is a two-step treatment that emits fine water-based insecticide particles that penetrate cracks and crevices, walls, books, furnitures. After spraying, the mist is left to diffuse throughout the whole room for about 4 hours killing every book lice.

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