Environment considerations are a huge importance, our methods are safe, green. Bringing minimal disturbance to estate owners.


Cockroaches in tropical climates such as Singapore are usually larger than their counterparts found around the world. They enter your office through window or door gaps and love your pantry.


Rodents are particularly dangerous in workspaces as they have the affinity to chew on wiring, which can cause electrical fires.


We Use

1. Elimination

  • We will conduct intensive inspections and trappings for highly infested areas.

2. Maintenance

  • Boundary protection with rodent traps and bait stations along the external perimeter of the estate.


A termite infestation within a residential asset can cause panic in homeowners – as an active colony can rip through door frames, wooden paneling and flooring in a matter of months. Termite damage can require massive maintenance and devalue the property.


Flies are a global nuisance – thriving in warmer weather and on uncovered food, commonly found in office pantries. These pathogen carriers spread contamination and can cause food poisoning, dysentery and typhoid.


We Use

Treatment mist

We use a targeted treatment mist specifically for flying insects – which is environmentally conscious.


Most residential estates are thoughtfully landscaped especially around recreational spaces such as the pool, playground and barbeque pits. While the lush greenery beautifies, it often gives way to breeding grounds for mosquitoes – curled leaves and popular palms are some examples of microhabitats


We Use

Thermal Fogging

  • Effectively reaches all possible microhabitats within the area.
  • Create a dense cloud of fog that penetrates even hard to reach outdoor areas such as shrubbery, grass, tree tops and many other areas.

2. The Residual Pesticide

  • Coats the treated area to eliminate adult mosquitoes landing on the surface.
  • Suitable for large or small outdoor application.
  • Highly effective
  • The pesticide targets only flying insects, with low toxicity to mammals, making this safe for small children and pets.

Our company have been taking care of your pest problems for over many years. Swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and the environment. Thus, we aim to use eco and safe pest management solutions. Our company is affordable and guarantees a warranty when you call for our services.

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Execute Pest Control is a licensed exterminator & pest control company. We have been giving the most reliable and trustworthy pest control management services to different home owners and businesses. You can be guaranteed that our company only practice safe measures in getting rid of pest, giving you the best safety standard in our services.

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