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Condominium pest control is indeed a big task. A condominium is a large space that comprises not just of many residential units and floors, but there are also several facilities within a condominium; such as BBQ pits, indoor facilities, and function rooms. The commonality of these spaces is that there can be a constant influx of people and even food. With many facilities in placed, without the constant support of disinfection or pest control, this could easily lead to pest infestation, which many times may go unnoticed. 

At Execute Pest Control, environmental considerations are of a huge importance to us, and thus, our methods are safe, green and we even offer certain non-toxic solutions where applicable to ensure that residents will not be affected by any of our operations. In addition, we seek to bring minimal disturbance to estate owners, even as we carry out our pest control operations in the different spaces within the condominium.

Condominium Facility Pest Management

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Swimming Pools

mosquito & fungal growth handling

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BBQ Pits

cockroach & ant handling

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Gym Rooms

cockroach & ant handling

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Function Rooms & Other Facilities

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Common Pests Found In A Condominium Space

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cockroach 89067 1280


Cockroaches in tropical climates such as Singapore are usually larger than their counterparts found around the world. They enter your office through window or door gaps and love your pantry.

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Rodents are particularly dangerous in workspaces as they have the affinity to chew on wiring, which can cause electrical fires.

Treatment Methods

We Use
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termites 3367350
termites 3367350


A termite infestation within a residential asset can cause panic in homeowners – as an active colony can rip through door frames, wooden paneling and flooring in a matter of months. Termite damage can require massive maintenance and devalue the property.
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Flies are a global nuisance – thriving in warmer weather and on uncovered food, commonly found in office pantries. These pathogen carriers spread contamination and can cause food poisoning, dysentery and typhoid.

Treatment Methods

We Use
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Screenshot 2021 01 19 at 3.00.32 PM
Screenshot 2021 01 19 at 3.00.32 PM


Most residential estates are thoughtfully landscaped especially around recreational spaces such as the pool, playground and barbeque pits. While the lush greenery beautifies, it often gives way to breeding grounds for mosquitoes – curled leaves and popular palms are some examples of microhabitats

Treatment Methods

We Use
Thermal Fogging
The Residual Pesticide
Our company has been in the business of handling several pest problems for over many years. We are swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and caring for the environment. Thus, our focus has always been to use eco-friendly pest management solutions. We aim to provide affordable service offerings to our customers and guarantee a comprehensive warranty to all of our clients.


The most common pest problem found in a condominium is mosquito infestation. They can be dangerous compared to the other pests. The other common pests found are: ants, rats, and cockroaches. They are normally found in your garbage trash and BBQ pits; where there is a high level of food presence.

Proper sanitisation and cleaning should be done regularly especially in areas where food is often present (BBQ pits, function rooms). Residents who use the BBQ pits should be encouraged to dispose their trash properly. 

In general, it is really difficult to completely remove pests from a condominium; especially when there is a relatively high influx of people and food as well. Thus, it is suggested that a pest control company should be engaged on a monthly basis to ensure that pest infestations are reduced and removed.

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