Construction Pest Control

Pest Control For Building & Construction

The Challenge:
The presence of debris and standing water make construction sites a place for pests to flock to. The most hazardous type of pest are termites. Termites can cause serious damage and destruction to a building’s foundation and supporting structure. Not dealing with this group of pests will lead to further reinstatement and financial cost.

Constructions sites are also not very well sanitised and are constantly exposed to the immediate surroundings, which mean that it inevitably will have multiple entry points, which would make it easy for any type of pest to enter the construction site.

What Does Construction Pest Control Entail?

Treatment Methods Used In Construction Areas

(1) Fogging (Mosquitos Control) 
Fogging treatment is only done when a mosquito infestation is being identified. 

(2) Residual Spraying
This treatment will only be done if NEA has given the directive to do so. This treatment is often done for constructions sites that are near areas prone to malaria infection. The number of manpower needed really depends on the size of the site.

(3) Surveillance
As the construction project continues, surveillance will have to be set up to ensure that the different floors are monitored frequently.

(4) Termite Control
Pre-construction termite control and termite proofing are done during the initial stages of the construction project.

It involves treating the soil with a termicide solution that aims to infiltrate and kill off the colony. Next, post-construction will be done to kill off subterranean termites that have already invaded a building.



Integrated pest management

Common Pests Found In Construction Sites

building construction pest control common pests

Subterranean Termites

  • These termites are the most dangerous type of pest when it comes to a construction site. Execute Pest offers preventative baiting and termite proofing to handle this group of pest.


  • Rodents are one that will damage any electrical wiring through their chewing habits. 


  • Birds tend to be a disturbance for workers in construction and can cause work accidents.

Carpenter Ants

  • Similarly to termites, they feast on wood, which could be a huge cost for the company to replace.

Our Approach

our approach construction pest control

Surveillance Monitoring

  • Our surveillance system provides us with valuable data that will enable us to make well informed decisions and strategies during a pest re-infestation

Treatment Implementation

  • We will apply the appropriate treatment to address the type of pest that is present in the construction site

Audit Reporting

  • Monthly inspection report with detailed description in findings will follow up actions will be compiled for accountability

Education & Consultation

  • Education programs will have to be set in place to ensure that workers are well equip to identify basic signs of pest infestation and to inform the facility manager to take action

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