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Industrial Pest Control Services

Industrial pest control in Singapore involves protecting the assets of the industrial compound and providing risk management solutions to avoid industrial risks that may arise from the industrial space and compound.

We understand the importance of industry compliance and flexibility when it comes to pest control for your factory. Our Integrated Pest Management system utilises chemical-free treatment methods for your indoor spaces – focusing on monitoring traps and stations to trap pests. Meanwhile, our chemical treatments and poison baits manage the population outdoors – all this with accredited industry standards and compliance (HACCP, ISO 2200, 9001, 9000).

Complying to safety and governmental standards are essential to ensure that productivity is maintained and operations will not be affected.

Types of Industrial Pest Hazards

1. industrial cockroach
cockroaches pest control services

Cockroaches In Industrial Spaces

Cockroaches are commonly found in factories, industrial plants and warehouse areas. 

These areas in Singapore are often not cleaned or left unattended. Thus, it is easy for these industrial pests to enter through the gaps. Cockroaches infestation signs can be minute and difficult to detect

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house mouse pest control

Rats In Industrial Spaces

Rodents and rats are particularly dangerous in workspaces as they have the affinity to chew on wiring, which can cause electrical fires; which can cause detrimental effects to industrial assets

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2. rats rodent industrial pestpng
3. ants big ants industrial pest

Ants In Industrial Spaces

Ants can easily crawl into your false ceilings and gaps. It is almost impossible to prevent them from entering your premises. In addition, even though they are small in size, they can be extremely frustrating to deal with due to their ability to bread unseen colonies. Killing them is easy, but finding their main infestation location is hard. Thus, it is essential that we use proper industrial grade solutions to ensure that mass breeding does not take place
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Flies In Industrial Spaces

Flies are a global nuisance – thriving in warmer weather and on uncovered food, and they can be commonly found in dry areas and industrial areas that are not often cleaned. These pathogen carriers spread contamination and can cause food poisoning, dysentery and typhoid

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4. flies industrial pest in Singapore
Our company is specialised in taking care of your industrial pest problems for over many years. Swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and the environment. Thus, we aim to use eco-friendly and safe pest management solutions. Our solutions are affordable and guarantees a comprehensive industrial warranty.

Common Industrial Pest Questions

  • Rat droppings: looks like a dark brownish grain of rice
  • Scratching noises in your warehouse
  • Rat holds: small burrows under soil areas, garden sheds, garages
  • Rat nests: pieces of shredded materials such as newspaper remnants and fabrics
  • Small running tracks: to check for these signs, simply sprinkle flour on the floor to and foot markings seen will be an indication

  • Termite droppings: brown colored grainy mounds; usually found beneath infested wood
  • Wall mud tubes (size of a coin)
  • Discarded wings (flying termites)
  • Hollow sounding timber:
  • Hard to open doors and windows

  • Maggots (larval stage)
  • Regular sights of flies around specific areas
  • Minute dark spot clusters

  • Ant pathways
  • Large number of live ants near
  • Ant nests (looks like a small pile of sand or dirt)
  • After cleaning and sanitizing certain areas, there would still always be ants running around


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