Do bites from bedbugs cause disease?

When talking about bed bugs and disease, the medical studies show that they do carry disease organisms, but they do not transmit disease. While some
sources reports that bed bugs are able to transmit leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and brucellosis, these cases are accurately proven.

Infections from the bites are likely to occur if one did not take care of the bites properly, causing it to swell and bleed. Infections often happen to children,
people with weak immue systems like the eldery and those who have trouble moving around. Also, some bites cause people to have an allergic reactions that need medical
help espcailly when getting alot of bites.

The greater concerns caused by bed bugs are the irritation of bites and giving people stress causing them lack of sleep. Bed bug bites normally do not appear
until a day or more after the pest consume your blood. Some people will have no reaction to the bites too. In the most bad cases, large wheals can appear.
These wheals slowly heal in size, becoming small, red marks.

Bed bug bites make you itch and may also result in swelling or blister-like skin inflammations. It is good to note that other pests can cause skin irritations too.

If you are having bites or other skin reactions, contact a doctor. If bed bugs are present in the home, a professional pest controller should be contacted to
eliminate them.

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