Bed Bugs Removal


Bed bugs are now becoming a growing problem in Singapore. We always thought that bed bugs only affect us back in the olden days and even staying in urban city now for most of us bed bugs still exists. Bed bugs are blood sucking insects and most of the time you can only get bites at night that is because most of us rest at night rather in the day. Bed bugs detect carbon dioxide emitted out by us and our body warmth. As such, the moment we lie on the bed they will crawl near us and have a blood meal.

Scary facts of bed bugs

Bed bugs can deposit three to eight eggs at a time and a total of 300-500 eggs by a single bug. Eggs will start hatching anytime between 7 to 12 days and they will take 5 nymph stages to reach maturity. Bed bugs require blood meal to moth to the next stage and finally reaching adult. Adult bed bugs are known to survive for up to half a year without blood.

Symptoms of bed bugs infestation

  • Red swollen patches resulting from a bite
  • Blood smear on bed sheets and molts
  • Black colour fecal spots can be seen at side of mattress
  • Of course bed bugs on bed

Not sure whether it is bed bugs?

At Execute Pest Control, we have all the solutions to solve your pest problems. Get rid of Bedbugs in Singapore now. Our company has been taking care of your bedbug pest problems for over many years through effective Bed Bug Heat Treatment and Bed Bug Control. Contact Execute Pest Control today for a full Bed Bug Treatment in Singapore. Depending on our customer’s situation, our solutions includes Bed bug control in Singapore and Bed Bug Heat Treatment at super affordable rates along with a free scheduled consultation. Get assured quality services from a NEA certified team of experts. Our services also include :

  • Careful and thorough inspection of your home for the most suitable treatment.
  • Eliminating current population through spraying of different areas
  • Follow up visit to guarantee bedbug pest problem is under control


We offer several bed bug control and treatment options to best suit your home and family to eradicate your bed bug problems..

Residual Spraying

Residual spraying is an extremely effective treatment for homes as it is not harmful to humans and will not stain the walls or flooring. A pesticide non-toxic to mammals is sprayed at targeted areas acting as a chemical barrier, killing bed bugs upon contact. We can achieve fast and efficient bed bugs control, applying surface sprays in and around bed bugs harbourages, and along typical routes where bed bugs travel, to provide fast knockdown and bed bugs control.

Non Chemical Treatment

In non-chemical treatment, bed bugs are killed solely through heat. Superheated steam is passed through a nozzle and is aimed directly at bed bug harbouring and nesting areas. We expertise in recognising potential bed bug hiding areas ensures that no bed bug is left undiscovered and an effective treatment can be performed.

As heat kills bed bugs at all developmental stages, including eggs, only one treatment may be required.

Our company have been taking care of your pest problems for over many years. Swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and the environment. Thus, we aim to use eco and safe pest management solutions. Our company is affordable and guarantees a warranty when you call for our services.

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