Bed bug droppings
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Bed Bugs Droppings

bed bugs droppings

Identifying Bed Bug Droppings

One of the best ways to identify a pest infestation is by looking for droppings. Bed bugs are no exception, and finding feces on bedding is one way to know they’ve invaded an area.

Bed bugs spotting is usually found in the following places:

  • Mattress seams
  • Spring frames
  • Headboard areas
  • Edge of the carpet

Bed bug droppings can look similar to other pests, such as cockroaches. One way to tell the difference is by looking for additional evidence, including shed skin or eggs and blood.

How to Identify Bed Bug Droppings

Bed bug droppings are essentially blood excretion that has been

Their poop is consistently the same size, shape, and color.

  • Color: Bed bug droppings have a dark brown color that approaches black. If you see a stain and the color is fresh blood, then it’s not bed bug poop.
  • Size: Bed bug fecal smears are about the size of small ink spilled on a sheet.
  • Shape: Despite its small size, bed bug poop makes a mark on the fabric and leaves behind an unmistakable mark each time. Imagine what would happen if you let a little ink soak into your sheet – that is the shape of bed bug droppings as well.

There is no better way to tell the difference between bed bug feces and dirt or stains than from looking at pictures. Study these pictures so you can identify them easily in your home.

On Sheets

Important Note: Bed bug poop looks like ink on a sheet or mattress. We are not talking about blood, urine or anything else, but simply fecal waste from the bed bug that can be found in your bedroom. It’s easier to identify by studying pictures of actual stains which we have placed beside examples of what these droppings look like.

If you find these on your sheets, they will appear like dots of ink scattered around and concentrated in the areas bed bugs are likely to walk.

On Mattresses

Bed bug droppings on your mattress will look the same as that on the sheets, though it might smear if it’s still wet. If it’s dried or has been absorbed by the fabric of the mattress, then you’ll likely notice a coagulated spot in place of any traces.

It is easy to spot bed bug feces on mattresses because it always appears in groups, usually near their harborage.

Does Bed Bug Poo Smell?

Bed Bug droppings, left behind after feeding on blood, are distinctive and have a recognisable smell.

(Droppings That Are Not Bed Bugs)

If you notice spots, they may not be bed bug droppings. There are two other stains that bed bugs leave behind: small bright red droplets of a similar size and often in a line.

These red stains are the result of old blood that dripped from their mouth after they return to their porch in the night. It is brighter than droppings since it has not been digested. These spots can be found anywhere on your sheets, even right next to you or on either side of your bed.

Does Bed Bug Feces Always Smear?

Bed bug feces usually doesn’t smear if it’s left on a surface that will absorb it. The only issue is that bed bugs never leave their droppings on anything other than fabric.

How to Clean Up Bed Bug Feces

Pouring dish soap on infested clothes may help get rid of feces stains.

Wet the affected area completely before applying dish soap with a sponge or cloth to loosen debris.

There are a variety of home-remedies to treat bedbug infestations, including the use of hydrogen peroxide. The high pH will act as an oxidizer and mild bleach.

If your DIY methods still do not help you to get rid of your bed bugs infestation, it is crucial that you engage a professional bed bugs control specialist right away.

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Bed Bugs FAQs

Beg buds usually hide within the mattress, foam, and beddings. They breed in the folds and stay unseen. However, you can identify their presence through red, blood type stains on the bed. It could be of bed bugs' droppings or the shedding of their skin.

Due to their small size, you will not be able to find bed bugs easily. They may enter your house undetected in old furniture, luggage, clothing, or other items. Also, they can fit in anywhere, at any place, and hide under small spaces. You will usually find bed bugs in the bed frames, within the mattresses, foams, and box springs, from where they can access people on the bed and bite them.

When their infestation grows, they can crawl to other places in the bedroom and spread to other parts of the home. They thrive on blood and does not necessarily grow in unhygienic places. That is why you need bed bugs pest control in Singapore equally for immaculate rooms and dirty areas.

Bed bugs hide in various places; you can find them in small spaces, cracks, or crevices. The infestation of bed bugs is mostly located in the seams of a chair, cushions, loose wall hangings, junctions, and folds of curtains.

Bed bugs are a common problem in many places, including Singapore. You require bed bugs services to get rid of their infestation.

You can use some solutions at home to get rid of bed bug infestation. These remedies include vacuuming or steaming the infected area. You can also sprinkle baking soda to remove bed bugs. However, these home remedies are not always adequate.

You must call specialists for bed bugs pest control in Singapore. So, they can treat the infestation as per their experience and through guaranteed solutions. 

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