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Execute Pest Control imparts disinfection Services. Get a pest-free environment as we carry out mist fumigation and Disinfection Services in Singapore to remove odour and harmful bacteria. It assures you of effective quality and undertakes guarantee of warranty.

Disinfection Misting

We offer services for both pest control & disinfection program at great rate. We deliver a pest-free environment for everyone.

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How it works

Mist Fumigation will be carried out to entire premises to remove odour and harmful bacteria.
This ensures the good penetration against biofilm and eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, microorganism etc.

It is biodegradable, safe to environment and proven with efficiency against many air-borne viruses etc.

Why use disinfection misting

  • Can be used on all surfaces such as walls, floors, carpets, etc
  • Penetrates into small pores and crevices that other products cannot reach
  • Perform insecticide residual spray
  • Can be used safely and effectively daily, weekly or monthly


At Execute Pest Control, we have all the solution to solve your pest problems . Depending on our customer’s situation, our solutions include professional Disinfection Services in Singapore: We also:

  • Careful and thorough inspection of your home, restaurant, etc. for the most suitable treatment.
  • Eliminating current population through spraying of different areas
  • Follow up visit to guarantee pest problems are under control

Our company have been taking care of your pest problems for over many years. Swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and the environment. Thus, we aim to use eco and safe pest management solutions. Our company is affordable and guarantees a warranty when you call for our services

About Us

Execute Pest Control is a licensed exterminator & pest control company. We have been giving the most reliable and trustworthy pest control management services to different home owners and businesses. You can be guaranteed that our company only practice safe measures in getting rid of pest, giving you the best safety standard in our services.

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