The adult mosquitoes are long-legged and slender two-winged insects. They complete metamorphosis with 4 stages of development – Eggs, larva, pupa and finally the adult stage. The first 3 stages of the mosquito are aquatic whereas the adult is an active flying insect. Typically, it takes about 7-14 days for a mosquito to develop from egg to adult, but it is also dependent on the species itself as some may take longer or shorter.

Female mosquitos require a blood meal for them to lay fertile eggs. They are attracted to their hosts by odour, moisture, temperature, etc.

Locally, the main mosquitoes are:

  • Culex mosquitoes
  • Aedes Mosquitoes

Dark, cool and humid places are the best breeding places for mosquitoes and they can be active either in the day or night. This can pose a risk for us as they can transmit numerous diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, etc.

Not sure whether it is mosquitoes?

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  • Eliminating current population through spraying of different areas
  • Follow up visit to guarantee pest problems are under control

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Provide larviciding and fogging, creates a dense cloud of fog that penetrates even hard to reach outdoor areas such as shrubbery, grass, tree tops and many other areas.

In zone treatment, a physical barrier against mosquitoes is created, deterring them from entering the premises. External walls are sprayed thoroughly with a chemical adulticide, killing any mosquitoes landing on the surface. The effect is residual, thus after just one treatment, your area is physically protected against mosquitoes for 4 – 6 weeks. Zone treatment can be used with misting, to safeguard both outdoor and indoor areas against mosquitoes. Given the length of time for the chemical residue to remain effective, our recommendation is a monthly frequency for this treatment.