The Problem With Rats

Rodents and rats can cause significant disruption to a premise in Singapore: from damaging packaging, leaving behind droppings, being a carrier of diseases to damaging your electrical wires and cables in your premise.  In short, a rat infestation can cause tangible damages to your assets and pose safety risks.

To get rid of rats, there is always two options: DIY or hiring a professional pest control company in Singapore. One can choose to purchase rat traps and poison in attempt to catch a rat or two. On the flip side, the difference that a professional can do for you is to help identify the risk level that your premise is currently at; as rats’ droppings and cause food contamination, etc.

A professional rat control company can help to offer solutions that will remove the rat infestation and offer solutions focused on: protecting your premise reputation, adhering to authorities, food poisoning prevention, and giving you peace of mind.

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Rats Pest Control & Treatment Methods

Rats are extremely successful in their survival capabilities and adaptability in our environment. They are feared for their destruction to human properties such as household items, equipment, wires & cables by their constant gnawing and also the transmission of many human diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, murine typhus, rat-bite fever & salmonellosis.

the common rats species in Singapore are:

Signs of Rodent Infestations?

At Execute Pest, our rats control & treatment methods are targeted not only at controlling and killing the current population but also denying them of the three factors; food, shelter and water.

Rats are primary nocturnal creatures, meaning they are active at night. Their poor vision is adapted for night vision. They have sensitive whiskers (vibrissae) & guard (tactile)hairs that give them a keen sense of touch and thus, they prefer to run along walls or between things. Agile & extremely sensitive to sound, especially any sudden ones will cause them to attempt escape immediately.

They like the odour of mostfood eaten by humans and prefer fresh over decayed ones. Very accustom to the smell of men, our odour on baits or traps does not repel them. However, due to bait shyness, they will not enter them immediately but instead only few days later when they become familiar with these new items in their environment.

Our integrated rodent control program includes:

Mechanical proofing by sealing up cracks & crevices. Repellents to make the premise distasteful to rodents. Trappings such as cages, glue boards or snap traps, etc. Rodenticides for rapid control of high density rat population.


Frequently Asked Questions

It might not be extremely difficult to trap a rat and kill a rat. However, it can be difficult to find their hiding spot and their breeding place, especially when they are all so tiny in nature and are experts at hiding from humans. Thus, it is important to hire a pest control company that is experienced to find out what is the root cause of your pest issue and suggest a more long term approach to your rat issue.

Rats eat almost anything. It is said that city rats and wild rats feed on different things. In the wild, they tend to feed on plants, seeds, and fruits, and are likely to be more vegetarian in nature. However a city rat can feed on garbage and meat. They can even consume pet food!

Rats that are kept as pats in many foreign countries can live up to 4-5 years, if they are well taken care of. However, rats in the wild tend to live for as long as 2-3 years. City rats can be quite resistance and at times are smart enough to avoid the rat poison that is given to them. All in all, they can carry diseases, and the ways to eliminate them is either through getting them to intake the poison or to use mouse traps to kill them.

Rats can cause structural damages such as damaging electrical wirings in a premise. They have pretty strong teeth and like to gnaw on plastic, wood, and even wires. In addition, city rats love to roam around garbage dunks and are a great carrier of dirt and diseases. 

The obvious signs include: droppings, teeth markings on your food containers and wood materials. 

The main issue is to find their nesting. If you are able to detect their hiding spot, you should destroy it immediately. In addition, take note of the different openings and holes that exist in your premise, and proceed to cover them up. A simple way to get rid of them is to set up mouse traps and put a tiny piece of food to attract them.


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