Termites Removal

At Execute Pest Control , we offer the best solutions to your pest and provide Termite Control Singapore. We provide you an Integrated Pest Management program that is specifically catered to your needs. We take responsibility of customer’s safety and provide an environment friendly pest solutions for both residential and commercial places at moderate prices.

Termite Facts

  • Termites are social insects that live in colonies with caste systems, where each have their own role and responsibilities such as reproductive, workers and soldiers.
  • Termites live in dark places and are blind, they communicate through pheromones (chemical signals) and vibrations caused by head-banging.When Soldier Termites detect a threat, they clash their mandibles together to warn the colony. Therefore taping on an infested area or in quiet places you may hear them.
  • Termites build a mud trail to keep their bodies moist above ground, when out in the open they will not be able to survive.
  • Tropical countries like Singapore has one of the most destructive subterranean termite species Coptotermes gestroi in the world causing an estimated $40 billion worth of damage worldwide.

Telltale Signs

  • Because it is difficult to trace termites directly, you should look out for these signs:
  • Termite droppings that look like ridged, small, wood-colored pellets.
  • Exterior surfaces with mud tubes
  • Wings of thte same size shredded near an entry point to your house
  • Due to the difficulty to detect termites signs, we recommend a regular inspection to your home.

Tips for Preventing Termite Infestation

  • Eliminate the collection of moisture by fixing pipes, A/C units, etc. that are prone to leaking.
  • Ensure drainage sites remain hygienic.
  • Keep plants well maintained.
  • Get rid of surplus wood like tree stumps or yard debris.
  • Install appropriately sized screens on vents.
  • Monitor outdoor wooden structures for signs of termite’s invasion.

Not sure whether it is termites?

At Execute Pest Control, we have all the solutions to solve your termites pest problems. Get rid of unwanted Termites in Singapore. Depending on our customer’s situation, our solutions include:

  • Careful and thorough inspection of your home for the most suitable treatment.
  • Eliminating current population through spraying of different areas
  • Follow up visit to guarantee termites problem is under control


Above ground treatments

Installing Above Ground Stations along active mud trails. These mud trails have been constructed by termites as travel paths and passageways between food sources and their colony. These secluded stations attract termites to feed on our Termiticide bait. Over the course of a few weeks, we will replenish the bait when necessary. This enables the Termite Workers to transfer the Termiticide throughout the colony for comprehensive coverage and complete elimination.

In ground treatments

  1. Soil In Ground
  2. For use in landscaped areas
  3. The cover is flushed to the ground
  4. The cover is also lockable to prevent access to the stations

Our company have been taking care of your pest problems for over many years. Swift in taking full responsibility in our customer’s safety and the environment. Thus, we aim to use eco and safe pest management solutions. Our company is affordable and guarantees a warranty when you call for our services.

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