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Ticks & Fleas Control


Through the different species of ticks, they have a wide range of color. The adult ticks can be as small as a sunflower seed with over 1cm long when filled with blood whereas tick larvae are lesser than 1mm. The common breed of ticks includes the lone star tick, American dog tick or black legged tick

Unlike fleas, ticks require more host to feed on. They cannot fly or jump however they will wait in a position known as “questing” with their first pair of legs waiting to climb onto their host. Both sexes feed on blood meals to move from different stage of life and reproduction cycle. Ticks are vectors of diseases such as Lyme, tularemia, etc. You need to call in pest control SG specialist immediately to eliminate them for the health of your loved ones in a case of fleas or tick infestation.

Signs of a Ticks / Tick Infestation


The presence of ticks itself is usually the first sign. Secondary signs may include medical symptoms transmitted by ticks through diseases or fluid means. It is best for a medical professional to give a proper diagnosis.

Ticks in the Home

Ticks invade our houses through hitchhiking inside on pets, clothing or people. Thus, it is important to inspect pets and our children to ensure that there are no ticks and to cleanse any clothing that may contain ticks. It can be a real problem if there are suitable host living in the attic or crawl space.


Frequent pet inspections can decrease the chance of your pet contracting a tick-borne disease. Feeding ticks should be removed as soon as they are discovered. Many treatments are also available from the local vet for tick control.

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What are Cat Fleas?

Cats are generally a great host for fleas to multiply easily. These tiny parasites can effectively spread around your homes unless you act quickly to prevent an infestation.

Fleas are one of the most common parasites affecting cats, and outdoor cats are likely to come into contact with fleas on a reasonably regular basis. But even indoor cats can get fleas because they can hitch a ride into your home in other ways. If you schedule a regular treatment schedule for your pet you will hopefully never have to deal with an infestation.


How fleas thrive

Cat fleas are tiny wingless insects that live on your cat’s body, feeding on its blood and laying eggs in its fur, which drop off into your home. A single cat flea can lay up to 3,000 eggs in its lifetime, and its full life cycle – from egg to larva to pupa to adult – can take place in a matter of weeks. Although Fleas do not live on human skin but will occasionally feed from humans. This can happen when we handle flea-infested animals or when fleas living in soft furnishings or pet beds need a meal and there is no cat or dog nearby.



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